Filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy is considered a debt elimination type of bankruptcy. A chapter 7 bankruptcy allows consumers to eliminate all debts, which will allow them to get a fresh start following a chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding. In a chapter 7 bankruptcy, an individual will list each of the debts they wish to include in their Arizona chapter 7 bankruptcy. The first thing for anyone to know in regard to filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy in Northern Arizona is that an individual or couple must qualify for filing bankruptcy.

The first step to filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy in Northern Arizona is to schedule a meeting with a Flagstaff bankruptcy lawyer. In this meeting you will discuss your debts, your financial status and complete a bankruptcy means test which will determine your eligibility for filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy in Northern Arizona. Once the Flagstaff bankruptcy or Northern Arizona bankruptcy lawyer determines your eligibility for filing bankruptcy, he or she will then advise you as to whether or not you qualify. If you qualify for filing bankruptcy, they will advise you as to which chapter bankruptcy you can file either a chapter 7 or a chapter 13.

Once you have qualified for filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy in Northern Arizona, your Flagstaff bankruptcy attorney will quote you their fee for assisting you with filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy in Northern Arizona. Once you have paid your Flagstaff bankruptcy attorney, they will then have you inform all of your creditors of your decision to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you are unsure as to what creditors you owe, no need to worry, as part of their practice, they will pull a credit report to get an accurate idea of which debts to include and which creditors are current as well as debts in collection. Your Northern Arizona Bankruptcy lawyers will then field all collection calls once you have retained them.

Once you and your attorney have filed chapter 7 bankruptcy with the State, the State will assign a bankruptcy Trustee to your case. The bankruptcy Trustee will review all documents and paperwork submitted. If there is anything needed they will communicate with both you and your Northern Arizona bankruptcy attorney. They will review any assets and/or property that you own and determine if the State is interested in it as part of an attempt to resolve any debt issues. Most of the time, unless it is very significant or high in value, you will most likely retain those assets or property.

Once the bankruptcy Trustee has reviewed your case, they will arrange for a bankruptcy hearing in the bankruptcy court, This is a time in which your creditors are allowed an opportunity to dispute the debts you owe and state their case. The bankruptcy judge and Trustee will be present and you will be asked some questions in court. Once this legal process is completed it usually takes about 6 weeks to 2 months for your bankruptcy to be fully discharged.

Once your chapter 7 bankruptcy case has been discharged, you will be completely free and clear of those debts. 

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