Filing bankruptcy in Northern Arizona can be the right decision for most individuals struggling with financial debt, past due taxes, credit card debts, mortgage and auto payments. It is important to weigh your options and be certain that filing bankruptcy is the right decision for you. There are two forms of bankruptcy that our law office can help you with:

Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Filing chapter 7 bankruptcy in Northern Arizona is considered a debt elimination or clean slate option. In this particular type of bankruptcy the consumer may choose to retain certain debts such as an automobile, house or anything else the wish not to include in a bankruptcy, however, once the bankruptcy is final, it cannot be changed or altered. Each debt listed in a chapter 7 bankruptcy will be completely done away with allowing the consumer to obtain a fresh financial start and a second chance to exercise better spending and money management habits.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Filing a chapter 13 in Northern Arizona is much different from filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy. Many things are the same such as the filing process, sometimes the fees are the same, the legal process is the same but the situation is much different. A chapter 13 bankruptcy is a repayment form of bankruptcy. The repayment is a fixed period of years usually ranging from 3-5 years which your debts are reorganized and a fixed payment amount is determined by the attorney, the consumer and the decision is accepted by a state designated trustee. This fixed payment amount is usually pennies on the dollar of a much larger debt. In other words, each creditor takes a tremendously significantly lower payment per the bankruptcy agreement. 



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There can be many reasons why people file bankruptcy each year. Filing bankruptcy in Northern Arizona can be a difficult decision for anyone. It is stressful considering the amount of debt one can owe creditors with collectors calling around the clock with threats of wage garnishment, tremendous changes in one's credit score, and a nonstop cycle of overwhelming debt. Our Flagstaff bankruptcy attorneys can help you eliminate debt and get the fresh start that you truly deserve. We have helped thousands of people just like you file bankruptcy with success allowing them an opportunity to rebuild their financial life and credit ratings. 

If you or someone you know is seriously considering filing bankruptcy in Arizona, contact our law office today for a free consultation. We can help you review your debts, understand your credit report, and determine if you qualify for filing bankruptcy in Northern Arizona. Our bankruptcy law office offers a payment plan and the moment you make the decision to hire us to help you, we can stop the creditor harassment immediately. 

Call us today and let us help you by providing a free consultation at 928-362-8128 today.

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